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8870 Waltham-wood rd Suite 123 or Apt A,
Parkville,MD 21234
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​Here at Parkville laundromat we offer you over 150 self-service washer and dryers with plenty of room and a well lit clean environment for you to do your laundry. All of our machines are brand new and provide you with the up to date modern tech that is easy to use and at a competitive price. Our helpful staffs will always be there to answer your questions or help you in any kind of need. So come visit us at the Parkville Laundromat located in the North Plaza shopping center at the crossing of  E Joppa rd and Waltham-wood rd
Why Laundromats
Mon-Fri:  7:00AM - 12:00midnight
​Sat-Sun  6:00AM - 12:00midnight
Hour of Operation
Our location is conviently locate at North plaza Mall with amble parking space and washing machine of different size to fit your every need.  So imagine that mountain load of cloths that once took you whole day to finish can now be done with-in 2 hour or less. And for those who live in the apartment complex that deal with the line of people that just so happens to have the same laundry day as you can experience our 200 machines without the wait.
What We have 
-  standard, super and mega load dryers
-  2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 load washers 
-  detergent (just incase you for got yours we sell it)
-  2 vending machines 
-  soda machine 
-  3 flat screen T.V's (For your entertainmant)